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1. Directly on the website
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4. Go to the office directly Vivubay


Payment in cash at the office vivubay

After successful order. Please through Vivubay office for payment and receive tickets.

You pay at home

Only applicable in the area of Dong Hoi and Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, less than 15km radius from the office address.

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Ticket putting guide

How to ticket online

Instructions on how to book tickets online on the website

The aviation regulations

Guide the provisions on fares and the provisions of the aviation industry in the country and internationally.

Experience or when buying tickets

Share experiences airplane tickets, airfare hunting experience, the experience goes bay.v.v machine ...

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Customers say about us

Mrs. Ngát

Quality reputation is what can be said about them

Mr Việt

Enthusiastic customer support, I will come back next time.

Mrs Thu Thủy

Reputable ticketing system, customer support service is quite good. I am very pleased with this system

The attractive tourist destination

Sapa tourist areas for visitors

In late March early April is cherry blossom season, as usual at this point.


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