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We'll find out how the group fares? way ticket, the note with domestic flights to the delegation, and the delegation to the International?

What is 1.The airfares Group:

Airfare Ticket Group is set for groups of 10 or more. With this amount, the company will apply the injection of group tickets.

When booking group thinks the majority of customers cheaper fares, better discount, etc ... but not really. if you focus on ticket prices than the accompanying services, please care about how cheap ticket you down group.

Tickets Group 2 types:

- Tickets flexible group.

- Ticket prices probably delegation.

a. The preferential conditions for flexible Group tickets:

- The list of the flexibility changes.

- No need to pay immediately but only 20-50% of the total deposit money.

- Longer Term keep ticket.

- Members of the general priority in flight, more priority procedures.

- baggage policy is also more favorable.


- If case of cancellation does not come, then the initial deposit will not be returned.

- If you had to name riders, could change again, but not more than 10% of people go. (This policy depends more firms).

How to Book Group;

Head of the delegation should provide the following information to vivubay quotes as well as bookings for groups:

The number of riders expected: just relatively, the list will be updated when specific key one last time.

On the fly, flight.

The phone number to contact.

Deposit tickets for groups.

The information required to book tickets:

List of members, date of birth, phone number, email and passport number if flying internationally. 

For ticket international delegations to note that:

If uncertain get a visa or passport, it should not deposit money. Visa indicated high probability it can deposit money to keep the price.

In case of cancellation is not going to be losing a deposit, but if you go, you will save huge amounts by booking early.

b. Ticket prices probably delegation:

  If you have to make sure the list of riders, set ticket prices delegation perhaps: that is, we will buy the cheapest ticket range of journeys that for his group.

The advantage is: Know the fare faster, cheaper tickets versatile group.

The downside is: Having the name, if the change will take charge and must pay 100% of the ticket, not be entitled to incentives such as flexible group tickets.

2. The delegation noted when booking:

- Avoid asking price of many box office, agents, representatives, this will lead to higher prices caused by the agent to enter the command group reservation price.

- The number of riders can be flexible, but know in advance the specific amount will tractable cheaper tickets.

- Talk with the specific dealer, you need a flexible policy priorities or priority fare. Some tourist groups, the work that the list of members of uncertainty, may need to change the flexibility, choose a flexible mode Group tickets, then despite higher ticket prices could slightly, but renamed, increase fell into place for free so you will save a lot.

- You can book tickets for the group probably included applied policy however will not be as good as Group tickets.

- often higher fare ticket delegation perhaps, but flexible policy will help you save more money perhaps tickets.

To book tickets please contact: 0888.7885.77   or email

Above is some information about airfares to the union, you will know more details of the item, as well as conditions of the ticket policies, the price for your group when specific place.

Vivubay thank you for your companionship! Wishing you had the successful flight!

Contact:  0912799171 - 0888788577-0981099017

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